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Algorithm helps transit agencies schedule reserve drivers

Metro Transit buses

More than Metro Transit buses 25 percent of a typical transit agency’s bus drivers do not have regular work assignments. These reserve drivers cover work resulting from both planned and unplanned work assignment changes.

A dispatcher assigns planned open work to reserve drivers a day in advance, but unplanned work is assigned as it becomes available without knowledge of which pieces of work may become available later that day—giving rise to the challenging problem of online interval scheduling.

Making assignment decisions is a balancing act that requires choosing between reserve operators or regular operators receiving overtime pay. To help address this trade-off, U of M researchers designed an algorithm that increases the amount of work covered by same-day reserve drivers.

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New modeling for bike and ped traffic to improve planning and safety

bicyclist in downtown Minneapolis trafficGiving people more options to bike or walk to their destinations has been a high priority for transportation planners in recent years. But as the number of pedestrians and bicyclists using the transportation system increases, so does the potential for serious—or even deadly—crashes involving these high-risk road users.

“To best prevent bicycle and pedestrian crashes, transportation planners need a better idea of how many people are using nonmotorized transportation and what their exposure to risk is,” says Greg Lindsey, a professor in the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs and researcher at the Roadway Safety Institute.

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UM, Access to Fun #9: The Depot

UM, Access to Fun #9: The Depot [Episode 9]

Welcome to Episode 9 of the “UM, Access to Fun” show with University of Minnesota student host Josh Lee.

In this week’s episode, Josh takes to the ice at the historic Depot, just off the Green Line in downtown Minneapolis.

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Access Across America: University of Minnesota ranks accessibility to jobs by transit in top U.S. cities

Access Across America: Transit 2014New research from the Accessibility Observatory at the University of Minnesota ranks the largest metropolitan areas in the United States for accessibility to jobs by transit. New York City came in #1. Minneapolis-St. Paul ranks #13.

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