State of freight in Minnesota explored in new annual report

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 12.57.25 PMThe Minnesota Freight Advisory Committee (MFAC) recently published its 2017 annual report (PDF) on the state of freight in Minnesota.

Established in 1998, MFAC ensures that planning, research, investment, and operations of Minnesota’s transportation system address the needs of the state’s freight transportation industry. In addition, MFAC strives to help build a better understanding of freight’s role and to shape more effective and efficient ways for moving the products that drive a thriving economy.

The annual report highlights a number of 2017 MFAC activities that supported those aims, including a white paper authored by Humphrey School researcher Matt Schmit that identified the key components of an attractive freight market. Other featured activities include convening a freight forum in Duluth to explore issues unique to the northeast part of the state, meeting with legislative representatives to discuss the importance of freight, and participating in the development of a freight investment plan for Minnesota.

“MFAC’s collaborations and partnerships pave the way for solutions that help bolster the state’s economic health and make wise use of its resources,” says outgoing MFAC chair Bill Goins, worldwide account manager at FedEx. “MFAC members—all experts in their fields from leading companies, organizations, and associations—are in a unique position to help make the most of the state’s economic opportunities.”

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