U of M researchers to begin 17 new projects with MnDOT, LRRB funding

U of M researchers have received funding from MnDOT and the Minnesota Local Road Research Board (LRRB) for 17 new projects beginning this summer.

Researchers will use this funding to explore a wide range of transportation-related topics, including separated bike lanes, roadside turfgrass, Complete Streets, and sustainable pavements.

The projects were selected by MnDOT and the LRRB for Fiscal Year 2019 funding awards after the agencies received proposals from researchers at multiple universities. Ten projects from other universities also received funding.

Below is a list of the new U of M projects and their principal investigators. A list of all funded projects is available on the MnDOT website.

  • Reducing Winter Maintenance Equipment Fuel Consumption Using Advanced Vehicle Data Analytics, Will Northrop
  • Detecting Pile Length of Sign Structures and High Mast Poles, Bojan Guzina
  • Generating Traffic Information from Connected Vehicle V2V Basic Safety Messages, Michael Levin and John Hourdos
  • Guidance for Separated/Buffered Bike Lanes With Delineators, John Hourdos
  • Evaluating the Impact of Local Expenditures on State and Regional Transportation Facilities, Jerry Zhao
  • Deploy and Test a Smartphone Based Accessible Traffic Information System for the Visually Impaired, Chen-Fu Liao
  • Criteria and Guidelines for Three-Lane Road Design and Operation, Gary Davis
  • Workforce Planning and Human Resource Development Strategies for Minnesota’s Public Transportation Agencies, Kenneth Bartlett
  • Expanding Landowner Adoption of Snow Control Measures to Improve Public Safety and Achieve Cost Savings through a Better Understanding of Landowner Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices, Dean Current
  • Regional Optimization of Roadside Turfgrass Seed Mixtures Phase 2: Regional Field Trials and Economic Analysis, Eric Watkins
  • Techno-Economic Analysis of Implementing Hybrid Electric Utility Vehicles in Municipal Fleets, Will Northrop
  • Design and Construction of Infiltration Facilities, John Gulliver
  • Assessing Culverts in Minnesota: Fish Passage and Storm Vulnerability, Jessica Kozarek
  • Quantifying the Impacts of Complete Streets: The Case of Richfield, Jerry Zhao
  • Development and Demonstration of an In-Vehicle Lane Departure Warning System using DSRC Based V2V Communication, Imran Hayee
  • Innovative Materials and Advanced Technologies for a Sustainable Pavement Infrastructure, Jia-Liang Le
  • Effectiveness of Teenage Driver Support System (TDSS) on Reducing Traffic Violation Behaviors for Teenage Drivers at the Early Time of Licensure, Nichole Morris
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