Summer camp sparks students’ interest in transportation

Last month, 31 middle schoolers participated in CTS’s third National Summer Transportation Institute (NSTI), a two-week program that introduces students to transportation topics through classroom activities, lab sessions, and field trips around the Twin Cities.

Some of this year’s new activities included:

  • A tour of the Mississippi Watershed Management Organization
  • The opportunity to fabricate custom creations in the sign shop at Hennepin County Public Works
  • A session with the Learning Jet at the St. Paul Downtown Airport
  • A bike and pedestrian infrastructure tour on the U of M campus
  • The chance to take a spin in MnDOT’s snowplow driving simulator

Students also worked together on a bridge-building project in which they were challenged to design and create a strong and cost-effective structure. At the camp’s closing ceremony, campers and parents watched as the bridges were put to the test—with a little help from Goldy the Gopher.

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“There’s so much to love about this camp! I’m really impressed with the way you build fun, independence, teamwork, and learning into the program,” one parent said. “It’s the perfect level of activity and engagement for this age group. And I love that my daughter got positive reinforcement for girls doing math/science/engineering work!”

NSTI is part of a national program designed to attract a diverse range of students to education and career opportunities in transportation. It was sponsored by CTS with funding from the Federal Highway Administration administered by MnDOT.

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