New all-electric vehicles added to U of M fleet


Photo: Parking & Transportation Services, University of Minnesota

The University of Minnesota has added four all-electric Chevrolet Bolts—some of the first available in the region—to its vehicle fleet. The vehicles get an estimated range of 238 miles per charge and have lower life-cycle costs than comparable gas-fueled vehicles.

The vehicles are among a group of 22 Bolts purchased as part of a partnership between the Minnesota Department of Administration, U of M, Metropolitan Council, Ramsey County, and City of Minneapolis. The partnership allowed for a volume purchase that reduced costs for vehicles that will also lower fleet carbon emissions—a benefit for all Minnesotans.

Three of the U of M’s Bolts will stay on the Twin Cities campus—at Fleet Services, Parking & Transportation Services, and UMarket Services (for deliveries)—and one will go to the University of Minnesota Morris.

All four vehicles were on display at an event showcasing the new Bolts at the State Capitol on June 29. U of M representatives attending the event included Ross Allanson, director of Parking & Transportation Services; Shane Stennes, director of the Office of Sustainability; Tony Bittner, fleet shop manager; and Steve Sanders, alternative transportation manager.

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