National Work-Zone Awareness Week April 3-7

NWZAW_Poster2017It’s National Work-Zone Awareness Week (NWZAW), and this year’s campaign urges drivers to recognize that work-zone safety is in their hands. NWZAW is held each year in the spring to bring national attention to motorist and worker safety and mobility issues in work zones.

You can help raise awareness of work-zone safety issues by wearing orange for safety on “Go Orange Day,” Wednesday, April 5.

University of Minnesota researchers are always working on new solutions to help improve work-zone safety. Previous and ongoing efforts include:

  • Designing and testing an in-vehicle work-zone alert system that uses Bluetooth low-energy tags on barrels or signs to trigger messages in vehicles (More information about this project will appear in the forthcoming April issue of Catalyst.)
  • Developing a warning system to alert the operators of heavy construction vehicles (as well as drivers passing through work zones) that construction workers are present
  • Investigating the effects of different speed enforcement methods on driver distraction in work zones
  • Using a smartphone app to improve safety for visually impaired pedestrians traveling through work zones
  • Creating a portable system that uses orange work-zone drums to provide visual and auditory warnings to drivers who may have ignored or missed previous warning devices
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