Summer camps introduce next generation to transportation

In August, CTS and the Roadway Safety Institute (RSI) participated in several summer programs to help introduce the next generation to transportation topics and careers.

On August 15–19, CTS helped coordinate and host the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) Workforce Development Program, a day camp designed to introduce underrepresented youth to potential careers at MnDOT. Sixteen campers ages 14–25 attended the program, where they learned about various trade-related job fields—such as carpentry, ironwork, and cement masonry—as well as civil engineering.

Campers also went on field trips to several MnDOT work sites and union training centers, where they learned about a variety of job possibilities. After these firsthand experiences, campers attended classes on applying and interviewing for jobs, heard about training programs, and took tours of the U of M and St. Paul College.

Engaging a much younger audience, RSI staff presented a lesson on pedestrian safety at the Minneapolis Safety Camp on August 1. The program, offered by the Minneapolis Parks and Recreation Board, teaches children entering second through fifth grade about personal and social safety skills. During the RSI lesson, 200 kids participated in interactive activities emphasizing the importance of reflective apparel and nighttime visibility.

On August 3, CTS hosted a half-day session for high school students participating in Discover STEM, a week-long summer camp offered by the U of M’s College of Science and Engineering. During the session, students learned about bicycle traffic counting and how accurate counts can inform efforts focused on improving safety. After a brief classroom session, students ventured into the field, where they performed their own bicycle counts at several locations and learned about different counting technologies.

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