Ramsey County wins USDOT Every Place Counts Design Challenge

Ramsey County has been named one of four winners of the USDOT’s Every Place Counts Design Challenge, which aims to raise awareness and identify inclusive community design solutions that bridge the infrastructure divide and reconnect people to opportunity.

In addition to Ramsey County, other winning cities are Spokane, WA; Nashville, TN; and Philadelphia, PA. All four winners will receive a design session that convenes elected officials, urban planners, designers, and local residents around a transportation project that has the potential to link communities to essential services such as jobs, health care, and schools.

Ramsey County’s design session, to be held July 18-19, will focus on the Rondo neighborhood, a historically African American community in St. Paul that was divided by the construction of I-94. As the city has grown more diverse, ethnic enclaves are still clustered on either side of the highway, now including Asian Americans and Native Americans. The community would like to develop exemplary models of community design and engagement to guide future corridor planning efforts.

Interested offering your expertise at the Ramsey County design session? The USDOT has issued an open invitation to researchers and practitioners with expertise in such areas as urban and regional planning, civil engineering, community planning and development, and multimodal planning. Volunteers will provide guidance and technical expertise to design session participants to ensure a robust dialogue and to help create forward-thinking, cutting edge solutions.

For more information, read the full announcement from the USDOT.


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