Program puts students to work finding transportation solutions

Students on Field Trip

RCP students on a field trip. Photo: CURA

Hundreds of U of M students will gain real-world experience while helping Carver County meet its sustainability goals under this year’s Resilient Communities Project (RCP).

RCP is an initiative supported by the U’s Center for Urban and Regional Affairs (CURA) that organizes yearlong partnerships between the University and Minnesota communities, matching graduate and undergraduate students to sustainability-related projects identified by the chosen community.

Each academic year, RCP chooses a city or county partner through a competitive request-for-proposal process. The program’s goal is to provide the community with efficient access to the resources and expertise of the University, offer students a professional opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills to a real-world project, and provide faculty with ready-made applied-learning opportunities for the classroom.

This year’s partnership with Carver County will include participation by three cities, the county community development agency, the school district, and the regional transit provider. More than 30 community-identified projects will be matched with dozens of courses and about 450 students across a range of academic disciplines.

Transportation-related projects will include enhancing bike and pedestrian facilities near park-and-ride locations, developing a bicycle and pedestrian traffic count program, and creating safe routes to schools. Several CTS Scholars are involved: Carissa Slotterback (Humphrey School of Public Affairs) is the RCP faculty advisor, and David Levinson (Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo- Engineering) and Greg Lindsey (Humphrey School) are incorporating the program and the projects into their courses.

For more information, visit the RCP website or read the full article in the October Catalyst.

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