The current and future status of self-driving cars

A recent MinnPost blog by Matt Ehling, “Self-delusion and the self-driving car,” brings up many good questions regarding the long-term future of and policies related to autonomous vehicles. What safety and liability issues will they present? How will they affect travel patterns and urban design?

Researchers at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs have been exploring many of the same questions.

In a preliminary white paper—Self-Driving Vehicles: Current Status of Autonomous Vehicle Development and Minnesota Policy Implications (PDF)—Adeel Lari, Frank Douma, and Ify Onyiah examine the current status of self-driving vehicle technology, the implications for road safety, capacity, travel behavior, and cost. The paper also considers the regulatory framework and policy challenges this technology may face.

The Humphrey School also hosted an event focused on self-driving vehicles last year: Autonomous Vehicles: The Legal and Policy Road Ahead. A proceedings of the event is now available in the latest issue of the Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology.

Posted in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), Intelligent vehicles, Transportation research

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