Autonomous Vehicles symposium proceedings now available

In October 2014, state and national leaders from academia, government, and industry gathered at the U of M for an event focused on the future of automated vehicles. A proceedings of the event, Autonomous Vehicles: The Legal and Policy Road Ahead, is now available in the latest issue of the Minnesota Journal of Law, Science & Technology.

The goal of the event was to advance current discussions taking place around the design, regulatory, liability, and privacy issues related to autonomous vehicles. It also aimed to expand the conversation to include considerations of system-wide security, city and regional planning, equity and access, and local, state, regional, and national needs and priorities.

Articles in the issue build on insights and work going into and coming out of the event. Articles include:

  • Autonomous and Automated and Connected Cars—Oh My! First Generation Autonomous Cars in the Legal Ecosystem
  • The Legal and Policy Road Ahead: An Analysis of Public Comments in NHTSA’s Vehicle-to-Vehicle Advance Notice of Proposed Rulemaking
  • Self-Driving Vehicles and Policy Implications: Current Status of Autonomous Vehicle Development and Minnesota Policy Implications
  • The Increasing Importance of Vehicle-Based Risk Assessment for the Vehicle Insurance Industry
  • Climbing Mount Next: The Effects of Autonomous Vehicles on Society
  • The Future of Autonomous Vehicle Technology as a Public Safety Tool
  • Driving into the Digital Age: How SDVs Will Change the Law and Its Enforcement
  • The SDVs Are Coming! An Examination of Minnesota Laws in Preparation for Self-Driving Vehicles

For more information, read a January 2015 Catalyst article summarizing the event or download the proceedings.


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