Has Motorization in Minnesota Peaked?

This post features an analysis of data from the Minnesota Transportation Finance Database.


The graph above shows motorization trends in Minnesota during 1980-2013. The four panels are about VMT (Vehicle Miles Traveled), VMT per person, VMT per registered driver, and VMT per vehicle, respectively.

As we can see in Panel 1, the year 2006 saw the first VMT annual decrease in the past four decades, and then the travel volume climbed back again in the next two years. Starting from 2009, however, VMT decreased once again and has stayed essentially flat since. While it is too early to conclude, it is likely that the motorization has peaked in Minnesota since 2008.

Other panels suggest even clear downward trends in recent years. VMT per person, VMT per registered driver, and VMT per vehicle have all declined significantly since 2008. Population growth, increased number of drivers, and increased registered vehicles seem to slow down the decrease of VMT in Minnesota, but these factors are not strong enough to reverse the overall VMT trend, consistent with the national pattern.

More data about Minnesota motorization trends (updated to 2013) are available through Minnesota Transportation Finance Database.

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