Travel awards help U of M students attend TRB

CTS and the Roadway Safety Institute provided 18 U of M graduate students with travel awards to attend the Transportation Research Board (TRB) annual conference in Washington, DC, in January. The travel awards allow students interested in transportation to learn about the latest transportation research, network with professionals, and, in some cases, present their work.

Here’s what this year’s participants had to say about their experience:

“This was my first time attending such an event and I was overwhelmed by the experience. I got the chance to talk to people working in the same area as me. It was an amazing experience to be interacting with people from all over the world who have had an actual impact on the intelligent transportation research field.”  Nazanin Banaeiyan, U of M Duluth

“It was a valuable opportunity that I will look back on and appreciate, both for the information I gathered and the relationships I hope to continue to develop.”  Zhiyuan Peng, U of M Duluth

“Attending this conference provided me with chances for not only improving my knowledge in the transportation planning and travel behavior arena, but also networking.”  Alireza Ermagun, U of M Twin Cities

“Attending the TRB conference opened my mind to think about my own research and gave me ideas about the hot topics recently in the transportation domain. It is really helpful for my future research.”  Mengying Cui, U of M Twin Cities

“Without a doubt, the interdisciplinary nature of TRB will benefit my current and future research, through my exposure to the vast and varied transportation issues examined at the conference.”  Brynn Saunders, U of M Twin Cities

“It’s so fascinating to meet people from different academic and culture backgrounds. Through communication, or more specifically, the sparks of thoughts, I feel that my mind, not only for academic research, has broadened.”  Jingru Gao, U of M Twin Cities

“The CTS travel award absolutely made my attendance at TRB possible, and I believe I have benefited enormously from it.”  Andrew Guthrie, U of M Twin Cities

“The poster sessions I presented increased my visibility as a scholar and the University of Minnesota’s visibility as a productive research institution.”  Jessica Schoner, U of M Twin Cities

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