New project by CTS Scholar Kathy Quick focuses on tribal safety

Kathy Quick

Kathy Quick

CTS Scholar Kathy Quick, an assistant professor at the University of Minnesota’s Humphrey School of Public Affairs, will focus on tribal transportation safety issues in a new project funded by the Roadway Safety Institute.

Quick’s previous research has focused on involving diverse stakeholders in policymaking to address complex public problems. Building on this background, Quick and her colleague Guillermo Narvaez, a research associate at the Humphrey School, will collaborate with tribal governments to identify issues and solutions related to motor vehicle crashes among American Indians in the new project.

The rate of death and injury from motor vehicle crashes is significantly higher for American Indians than for any other ethnic group in the United States, Quick says, and the aim of this research project is to better understand the nature of the problem and the sources of risk.

“To date, there has not been enough research done on why this is happening,” she says. “Much of what has been done is at the level of the American Indian population in the country as a whole. That does not give us a very good picture of what is happening in particular locations.”

To fill this gap, Quick is working with a broad variety of stakeholders to develop a more nuanced picture of the issue in terms of place-specificity. Although the project is just getting started, Quick says she has already begun to develop relationships with tribal transportation leaders, which she believes will lead to more future collaboration.

“Through the project itself we want to explore and build capacity for the kinds of policy measures and governance relationships that can effectively enhance safety,” she says.

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