New Complete Streets guidebook offers practical insights for implementation


Photo: Cindy Zerger

Across the United States, the Complete Streets movement is becoming more influential in planning, design, and engineering. As part of this movement, a variety of jurisdictions are considering a more comprehensive range of modes and users in their systems.

To help Minnesota practitioners implement Complete Streets in their communities, researchers from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs have published a guidebook filled with insights and best practices. The guidebook—Complete Streets from Policy to Project: The Planning and Implementation of Complete Streets at Multiple Scales—explores what it takes to successfully move Complete Streets from concept to implementation.

The guidebook is based on research funded by the Minnesota Department of Transportation and the Minnesota Local Road Research Board. As part of the study, Associate Professor Carissa Schively Slotterback and research fellow Cindy Zerger investigated Complete Streets projects in 11 locations across the nation.

Drawing on documents, site visits, and interviews from each location, the guidebook explores policy, process, design, maintenance, and funding approaches. It includes sections that feature background information, details on the study’s methodology, and six best practice areas that range from project delivery to promotion and education. The guidebook also presents key examples in each best practice category.

This approach ensures that practitioners not only learn about the best practices, but also gain insight into the approaches that might be best for their particular context.

“We hope this guidebook will allow practitioners in Minnesota and other areas to learn from other cities, counties, and regions that are moving from Complete Streets concept to implementation,” says Zerger.

Read the full article in the March issue of Catalyst. 

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