Innovation—Making transportation work better for you

LaurieA message from CTS Director Laurie McGinnis

Transportation may not always seem as pressing as some issues. It may get overlooked, or even taken for granted. But whether you think about it or not, transportation underlies everything you do. It gets you to work or daycare, puts products on the shelves, takes you to a movie, and much, much more.

And transportation doesn’t just happen. It takes skilled professionals and practitioners, using the latest technology and knowledge to do their jobs most effectively.

That’s where the University of Minnesota and CTS come in. Our researchers create the
innovations that make transportation work better for everyone. We educate the workforce of today and tomorrow. And we bring together partners and stakeholders from many disciplines to share and implement the best solutions.

Our annual report presents highlights of this work in FY13. It’s one of the places where we translate research results into short, engaging stories for a broad audience. Ultimately, our goal is to make new knowledge easily accessible to those who can use it—to inform public debate, and to make things happen.

Please feel free to download a copy of the annual report (2.1 MB PDF), or contact us for a printed version. We hope you enjoy it!

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