Internship program continues its success in second year


Interns Sharon Wong and Joseph Casanova working at MnROAD

Participants in the 2013 Summer Transportation Internship Program gained valuable experience in the transportation industry and received a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT).

Six student interns participated in 10-week internships at a variety of MnDOT offices, including Materials, Human Resources, Environmental Stewardship, and Metro Maintenance. The program was offered in partnership by CTS, Howard University, and MnDOT.

Students’ favorite aspects of the internships included working with and learning from MnDOT staff, seeing research put into practice, and getting hands-on experience. Several students also used complex testing equipment, created project reports, and gave professional presentations for the first time as part of the program.

“This internship was a great stepping stone for me to be more prepared to face the world as an engineer in the future,” said Sharon Wong, who worked with Bernard Izevbekhai, MnDOT research operations engineer. Wong and her fellow intern Joseph Casanova participated in test cell construction instrumentation and monitoring at the MnROAD pavement research facility.

Izevbekhai, Wong’s supervisor, agreed that the internship program helps students prepare to join the workforce. “It creates an opportunity for interns to experience engineering practice in the real world of competing priorities and approaching deadlines. It’s a friendly environment for classroom-acquired skills to be refreshed, rekindled, or developed,” he said.

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